Getting Started

Welcome to the North Branch Writers’ Critique group website! I am one of its founding members and the current curator.  You can find me anytime @thefebemoss on Twitter and over at my blog.  I write poetry, short stories, and novels.

I am also always on the hunt for the best websites, blogs, and articles on writing, social media, self-publishing, and networking.  I’ll be posting links to great resources semi-weekly.  It’s a great big world out there and it can be hard to find the time to read everything out there.  Please feel free to comment if you are looking for a particular topic.

Now, let’s start at the beginning.

If you plan to start reading blogs it can get overwhelming quick. You need to get a feedly account. It’s a great way to organize and keep up to date with your favorite blogs, marking certain posts as read or save it for later. Even categorizing by subject.  It’s awesome!

Time to start following blogs.

One of my all time favorite bloggers is Janice Hardy.  She has a large archive to guide you through the whole writing process from outlining to revisions.  It’s worth combing through it.  Plus, she’s super awesome on twitter as well.

Another blogger you must follow is Jami Gold. She is an amazing resource! Tons of downloadable resources all for free.  I’ve spent many a hours going through her archive.

Since these two sites are rather extensive, we’ll end here for today.

Next time we’ll discuss resources for fantasy writers!


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