Mid-February links

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

Meanwhile, I come bearing gifts of great links.

First up, as promised, links for fantasy writers.

Mythic Scribes – Great Fantasy resource.  It has great articles, forum, and helpful tips! Their twitter is pretty active as well.

Fantasy Writing Tools and Techniques – This is a little long but has some nice tips from a great author.

Web-Writer/Fantasy – Nice article on world building tips.

The Writing Nut – The Motherload of Fantasy resources. Even has tips on making your own language.

SFWA – Science Fiction Writers Association site, the world building tips page.

Free Fantasy Maps – Yep! Free fantasy maps. There’s quite a collection! If you need a map for your story, go here!

Also, there’s apparently a map making software for writers. The map guy uses this program, Pro Fantasy.  There’s a demo. I’d recommend trying that out first before shelling out the dough.

Switching gears..

There was a great article floating around this week about 6 common dialogue mistakes. Beyond the Margins.  My favorite section was this:

How do you achieve that clear “voicing?”  Go back through your book draft after draft, layer after layer until each character’s voice is utterly distinct.  Your tools to differentiate character voices are: word choice, length of phrases, use of metaphor, beats per line, cadence and tone. 

Maybe you, like myself, needed more clarification.

Impishodea.com – On tone

Creative Writings Software 101 – More tips on dialogue

Writers Digest – What are emotional beats?

ReWriter Reword Rework – more on beats vs dialogue tags

Nathan Bransford – The almighty Nathan Bransford tips on dialogue

And last but not least, my new favorite rules of dialogue, Seven rules for dialogue.

If there’s any subject you’d like covered, please let me know in the comments.

If it’s out there, I can find it!


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