Let’s talk about twitter

Twitter is a great and fast paced social media platform that can get you connected with other writers and other people that may share similar interests. It’s also a great source for news and pop culture.  That said, new writers will often hear advice to get a twitter and jump right in.

But as great as twitter is, it can also be extremely intimidating. Twitter has its own language, millions of hashtags, and rules. How do you find people to connect with? In this post I’m gonna help get you started.

Let’s start with your username. Sure you could choose something cute or funny like funnymonkey2000, but such a username says nothing about you, expect maybe you might be prone to boogie. It’s best to use your real name or at least the pen name you plan to use. This also makes it easier for people to find you.

Okay, so you’ve created your username, now what do you tweet about?

60 dos and dont’s for twitter newbies – This site has great ideas for tweets.  Talk about your interests, but also engage with others, ask questions, promote great tweets and links, etc. But be yourself. People love to follow real people, not robots or automation.

Now let’s touch on hastags. Hashtags are like labels for tweets. People use them to connect a related conversations.  

40 hastags for writers – wonderful list of the most popular hastags for writers. You can search these hastags to find useful information. 

100 Twitter hashtags every writer should know – even more hashtags

44 essential twitter hashtags every author should know – this list includes genre hashtags

Now you know how to find people. Let’s talk about how to interact with them.

As I mentioned earlier, twitter has its own language. RT, DM, etc.  Beginners guide to twitter basics – your guide to decoding twitter conversations.

A writer’s guide to twitter – super comprehensive twitter guide. Learn about #FF!

How to get noticed on twitter – great tips on how to get more followers.

And last but not least, our lovely president is a contributor on writer unboxed. She has a handful of super helpful posts on twitter tips. Writer Unboxed. Definitely take time to check out that resource.

In the end, you have to decide if twitter will work for you. It’s okay if it doesn’t as it doesn’t work for everyone. It can easily be a giant consuming time waster if you let it. But it also can open up a whole community of writers.

Got a tip or a favorite follower?

Leave it in the comments!




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