Library Closed for Renovations May 24-27


The North Branch Library will be closed for renovations from May 24-27, and that means the North Branch Writer’s Critique Group will not be meeting Tuesday, May 26th.

Word to yo’ mother.


The Secrets of Ending a Story Well


What’s the secret to coming in for a good landing on a short story — or a novel? Writer Cat Rambo shares a few secrets to coming up with an ending that satisfies your readers.

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Art Appreciation 101: The two rules of awesome SF/fantasy art


Welcome to Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Appreciation 101. (a.k.a. SFF Art). The fabulous folks here at io9 think I’m qualified to give you this little overview because, as the Creative Director of Orbit Books, I’ve created hundreds of covers for books in the genre, and have been a fan of SFF Art in all of its forms as far back as I can remember. Plus, I’ve logged more hours working in comic book stores than I care to admit.

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A Quick Tip for Adding Conflict and Tension to Your Scenes


Agent Donald Maas once said, “You can never have too much conflict.” He’s not alone in this thinking, and “not enough conflict” is a common reason manuscripts get rejected. Even novels with strong plots and solid core conflicts can earn a, “sorry, not for me,” because the conflict comes in dribs and drabs and there’s no tension on every page or in every scene.

But there’s an easy fix for this.

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Holiday Schedule

Our last meeting of 2014 will be December 16th, and it will include our end-of-the-year traditions (so please note that critique time will be shortened that week). We will not be meeting on December 23rd or 30th.
After that two-week break, our meetings will resume a normal schedule starting January 6, 2015. As always, we’d love to have you there.